Session: Functional Javascript

Friday, 13:00 - 13:50
Track: Web

Javascript has long been a misunderstood programming language. Its roots come from Self and Scheme, a prototypical and a functional programming language respectively. Not very mainstream! Yet, Javascript has evolved into one of the most widespread programming languages in the world! In this presentation you will learn what it means for a language to have first class functions and you will learn functional programming with higher order functions. I will show how to use functional programmingtechniques in Javascript and how these techniques can help you organize your code.

Anders Janmyr

Anders Janmyr is a developer since about twenty years. He loves writing code but, also talking and writing about it. He has worked in many different domains, from databases and servers to mobile phones and robots, and has experience with small and large scale architectures. He has a wide experience of programming languages C, Smalltalk, Java, C# Haskell, Lisp, Ruby and Javascript among others. The last years he has spent mainly with Ruby and Javascript. He loves the combination of dynamic languages and test-driven development since it gives him a short feedback loop and peace of mind.

Anders Janmyr