Session: Kinect SDK for Windows - A new way to interface with applications

Wednesday, 16:45 - 17:35
Track: .NET

With the Kinect SDK the Kinect is introduced in the PC world, and this time it goes way beyond gaming and ideas for Kinect use business and non-game applications are already plentiful. In this session we will look at a few of those ideas and look at some demos that will hopefully inspire you and jumpstart your Kinect development. Sure, we'll look at a bit of code, but mostly this will be an inspiration session and a discussion around what you should think about when designing for Kinect.

Tess Ferrandez

Tess is a developer evangelist at Microsoft and her job is to inspire developers and help them use the Microsoft products to their full potential. Right now the focus is on Windows Phone, Kinect, HTML5 and web apps, and she has a long history as a developer and debugger. She runs a popular blog about debugging and development at and you can reach her through the twitter handle @tessferrandez.

Tess Ferrandez