Session: Moving your XAML applications to Metro

Friday, 13:00 - 13:50
Track: Windows 8

By now you know what Metro is, what the Windows Runtime (WinRT) is, and that C# and VB.NET can access the WinRT via an interop layer. The big question: What's involved in moving my Silverlight (or WPF) application over to Metro? In this session Carl Franklin goes through the pain points and gives you a real idea of what it will take to port your application.

Carl Franklin

I started as a musician for fun, and a software developer for money. I started a hands-on training company in 1999 ( which is still doing well to this day. In 2002 I started recording an hour-long talk show for .NET software developers and publishing it as an mp3 file. When podcasting became a "thing" in 2004 we jumped on that bandwagon. That show had 3.7 million downloads in 2006! In 2005 I started Pwop Productions ( to bring our expertise in recording and producing online media into the market. We produce podcasts for Microsoft, Eastern Mountain Sports, Nintendo of America, Filemaker, Inc., Blackwell Publishing, and have other private relationships with Fortune 100 companies. Now I am finally going back to my first love, Music. I am producing bands and artists at Pwop Studios in New London, CT. Currently looking for more contacts in the music industry. I recorded, produced, and played on Ray Lamontagne's "missing" first album, One Lonesome Saddle, which turned into his demo for Trouble.

Carl Franklin