Session: Winning the long term user - with analytics

Thursday, 15:40 - 16:30
Track: User Experience

Very often when developers think about user experience and user satisfaction we focus on short term issues. Of course it is fascinating and useful to create a great, easy-to-learn environment for new users. But it is our long-term users who become champions of the product and can be our most valuable customers. How often do we think about the needs of advanced users who work with the product every day? How do we keep them productive? And how do we keep them interested, challenged and engaged?


How to build long term relations with users

Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer is the QlikView Product Advocate, working with customers and partners to establish QlikView as the leading solution for Business Discovery. Donald has over twenty years experience in analytics and data management. In that time he has worked as a consultant, in startups and as a leader of Microsoft’s BI product teams. He is a speaker at many international events on business intelligence, data integration and data management, blogger, and author of several books.

Donald Farmer