Klas Skogmar

Klas is a PMP certified project manager and management consultant with an extensive background in both software and business development. He regularly holds courses and seminars in both agile development and other areas, such as PMBOK and ITIL. Klas has worked as a project manager, teacher, coach, mentor, deployment manager, problem manager and developer. He is also an entrepreneur with experience from founding and managing companies in various industries over the years.



How to select an agile vendor


Agile metrics – how to preserve and promote collaboration

Track: Agile, friday 11:10 - 12:00

Large organizations are using balanced scorecards and dashboards to measure, monitor and forecast the performance of the organization and connect those to its vision, goals and objectives. Metrics is important for management, but how do you design metrics for agile teams? How will the metrics affect the behavior of the teams? In this seminar, you will get an insight into different types of agile metrics that preserves and promotes collaboration of agile development teams.

How to select an agile vendor

Track: Agile, thursday 17:00 - 17:50

When you are going to implement a new project, how are you going to determine when, if and how to buy from agile vendors? How do you determine if one supplier is better than another one? Choosing an agile vendor requires new strategies to procure agile vendors, new ways of thinking and other types of contracts. In this seminar, you will be guided through some principles and some alternatives will be presented.