Matthew J. McCullough

Matthew McCullough is an energetic 14 year veteran of enterprise software development, open source education, and co-founder of Ambient Ideas, LLC, a Denver consultancy. Matthew currently is a member of the JCP, author of the Git Master Class and author of Building and Testing with Gradle for technology publisher O'Reilly. He channels his teaching energy through activities as President of the Denver Open Source Users Group.



Get Excellent using Git


Monitoring Critical Code Quality Metrics with Sonar

Track: Java, wednesday 10:00 - 10:50

Sonar is an open source tool that brings together the best of breed static and dynamic analysis of Java projects. The result is a unified view of problematic areas of your code on a time-line basis, allowing the team to attack the problems with the best ROI, and maintain a more watchful eye for positive and risky trends in the codebase in the future.

Get Excellent using Git

Track: Excellence, tuesday - all day

This workshop will take very new and emerging Git users and bring them to a heightened level of productivity by leveraging Git's powerful range of productivity features in a hands on exploration of much of what Git has to offer. Some topics to be covered include: * Rebasing * Merging * Branching models * Working with refs * Git internals * The Reflog * Reset, revert and the right way to undo * Building your own Git scripts