Nathan Totten

Nathan Totten is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, he is also the creator and lead developer of the Facebook C# SDK. Before Microsoft, Nathan was a Senior Software Engineer at Thuzi where he worked on social media applications and analytics tools. He has experience building Windows Azure applications that handle large traffic spikes and maintain high availability and performance. He is also actively involved in open source development and the developer community.



Facebook Application Development


Ways to make your app more successful with social networks

Track: Excellence, thursday 15:40 - 16:30

Come learn best practices on how to build an app that gives your users a great social experience. Learn how to use Facebook's social channels and plugins to promote your application without spamming your users. Come see how you can use tools in the Facebook platform such as Insights, Ads, and Timeline to better understand your users and foster mutually beneficial communication. You will leave this session with a broad understanding of the many component that you can use to make your app great.

Facebook Application Development

Track: .NET, wednesday 15:40 - 16:30

Come learn how you can build Facebook applications using familiar tools and languages. We will discuss some common tasks and problems developers face when building Facebook apps such as authentication, scale, error handling, and high-availability. You will learn about the core components such as the Graph API, FQL, and XFBML. We will walk through different scenarios such as canvas apps, websites, and mobile apps and how the Facebook C# SDK and Facebook JS SDK makes building these apps easier.