William Van Hecke

Bill is User Experience Lead at the Omni Group, one of the world’s most accomplished and affable Mac and iOS developers. His is the nebulous job of making software civilized enough to bring out in public. This involves lots of squinting six inches away from the Cinema Display at 3200% zoom and consulting etymology dictionaries to properly label buttons. It often ends up entwined with documentation, marketing, quality assurance, customer support, and Dungeon Mastering too.



Designing Graceful, Gracious Interfaces for iPad


From Mac to iPhone to iPad (And Back)

Track: User Experience, thursday 17:00 - 17:50

Bringing an application from the desktop to a touch device, or vice versa, is never simple. You must reconsider every last interaction from scratch. But the underlying data, and the user's mental model, need to remain the same. Learn how we brought our full-featured Mac productivity apps to iPhone and iPad, and made them feel like they were meant to be there all along. And even better, hear about the lessons we learned on iOS and that we are now bringing back to the desktop.

Designing Graceful, Gracious Interfaces for iPad

Track: Smart phone, wednesday 16:45 - 17:35

With the iPad, full-fledged touch computing is here. What can your touch interface do better? Which of your interaction assumptions are debris you should jettison, and which still apply? When you carve away the mouse and keyboard and desktop trappings, what is your software really about? Learn how the iPad experience respects users' concentration and creativity. Find out how the iPad is distinct from its iPhone and Mac siblings, and why it requires new thinking about interaction design.