Session: 0-60 with Goliath: Building High Performance Ruby Web-Services

Friday, 10:00 - 10:50
Track: Web

Building a high-performance web service in Ruby? Then, chances are, you are looking at implementing a non-blocking server. Goliath is an open source, event-driven I/O framework, much like node.js or Tornado, except that Goliath is based on EventMachine, features a Ruby API, and most importantly, does away with the asynchronous "callback muck" by utilizing Ruby 1.9’s Fibers to preserve the nice synchronous look-and-feel of your code – which makes it much easier to write, test, and maintain.


Familiarity with Ruby and ideally some background with event-driven architectures


- A quick introduction to event driven network programming in Ruby- A quick introduction to Ruby Fibers (coroutines)- A ground-up introduction to Goliath Ruby framework

Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik is a developer, an open-source and Ruby evangelist, a data-geek, and a proverbial early adopter of all things digital. Now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ilya is working on Social Analytics @ Google. Prior to joining the Google Analytics team, Ilya was the founder and CTO of PostRank, a social web analytics company which was acquired by Google in June 2011. In 2008, Ilya was the recipient of the Ruby Hero award for his contributions to the Ruby community.

Ilya Grigorik