Session: A less technical talk on technical communication

Wednesday, 14:10 - 15:00
Track: Excellence

As developers, we spend more time communicating with humans than we do with computers. How can we do that more effectively? How can we be more accurate and concise in our communication? How can we best find analogies which illustrate the desired point? When working with difficult to describe concepts, how can we more easily define them and improve our communication of them? What short and long term benefits can we reap from learning to more effectively communicate? (Yeah, very touchy-feely...)

Jon Skeet

Jon is a software engineer working in the Mobile team at Google. While his day job primarily involves Java code, Jon is a huge C# enthusiast. His book on the language, “C# in Depth” is now in its second edition. He is probably best known for his contributions to Stack Overflow, the developer Q&A web site – although before Stack Overflow he was a prolific newsgroup poster. Although Jon is employed by Google, his talks are his personal opinions; he is not speaking on behalf of Google.

Jon Skeet