Session: Async 101

Wednesday, 10:00 - 10:50
Track: .NET

In this session we will discuss what asynchrony is all about and why we need to use asynchronous calls at all. We'll look at why the existing approaches are messy, and how C# 5 addresses this with async methods. We'll discuss how they're applicable to both server and client code, and take a peek under the covers to see where the magic comes from.

Jon Skeet

Jon is a software engineer working in the Mobile team at Google. While his day job primarily involves Java code, Jon is a huge C# enthusiast. His book on the language, “C# in Depth” is now in its second edition. He is probably best known for his contributions to Stack Overflow, the developer Q&A web site – although before Stack Overflow he was a prolific newsgroup poster. Although Jon is employed by Google, his talks are his personal opinions; he is not speaking on behalf of Google.

Jon Skeet