Tutorial: Improving your TDD

monday, - all day
Track: TDD

In this day-long workshop, we'll explore some more subtle aspects of test-driven development. Through intense, hands-on exercises, we'll look at aspects of TDD that are often overlooked, including:- what effect does test ordering have on your design;- how do you choose the next test to write;- the effect of isolation-based testing on your design.This workshop is language-agnostic, although focused on object-oriented languages. So, come spend the day exploring through code.


Experience with test-driven development in language of choice


Improved understanding of link between TDD and simple designBetter understanding of using tests as design toolsEffective techniques for understanding which tests to write

Corey Haines

After 12 years of coding for money, Corey Haines said enough and went on a year-long, journeyman pair-programming tour. Traveling the world, pair-programming for room and board, he spent his time teaching, learning and just living as a knowledge-cross-pollinating, little, software craftsmanship bee. For the past three years, Corey has focused his attention on helping developers improve their fundamental software design skills through the use of focused-practice events, such as coderetreat. Lately, Corey has been shifting his attention to getting kids excited about programming through building games in Scratch.

Corey Haines