Session: Small Stories & Tall Tales from the Road to Big Data

Wednesday, 16:45 - 17:35
Track: Architecture

A personal look at the people, projects & trends behind the NOSQL movement. Drawn from my experience travelling the world to record The NOSQL Tapes (


Cursory knowledge of relational & NOSQL databases


A better understanding of why & how the database scene has changed in the past 2 years. What leads people to innovate and global movements like NOSQL to emerge.

Tim Anglade

Tim is a snarky hipster who was into NOSQL before it was cool. In a previous life, he was a freelance consultant in Paris, a data scientist at the University of Maryland and a project manager for the NASAQ Stock Exchange. He’s currently working for a Data Hosting & Analytics company called Cloudant. In his spare time, he organizes a worldwide network of user groups called the NOSQL Summer and maintains an archive of conversations about database technologies & use-cases, called the NOSQL Tapes.

Tim Anglade