Session: Who needs a service bus anyway?

Thursday, 13:00 - 13:50
Track: Architecture

Although Enterprise Service Buses have been used in many larger companies, small and medium enterprises have often been put off by the high cost of these large middleware packages. These days we're seeing more open-source service buses gaining popularity and many developers are beginning to get curious - what would I use it for? Join Udi to get the scoop as well as see some patterns in action with NServiceBus.

Udi Dahan

Mr. Udi Dahan is an internationally renowned expert on software architecture and design. Recognized with the coveted "Most Valuable Professional" award by Microsoft Corporation for solutions architecture and connected systems 4 years in a row, Mr. Dahan is also on the advisory board of Microsoft's next generation technology platforms: WCF/WF/OSLO, the Software Factories Initiative, and the Composite Application Library & Guidance. He provides clients all over the world with training, mentoring and high-end architecture consulting services, specializing in Service-Oriented, scalable and secure enterprise architecture and design. Mr. Dahan is one of 33 experts in Europe recognized by the International .NET Association (INETA), an author and trainer for the International Association of Software Architects on Reliability, Availability, and Scalability, and an SOA, Web Services, and XML Guru recommended by Dr. Dobb's - the world's largest software magazine. Udi Dahan has a proven track record of solution design in Israel's largest companies in the fields of Defense, Travel, and Retail. From web projects in small internet startups, including government projects that push the limits of technology, to enterprise-scale programs with hundreds of developers and testers costing tens of millions of dollars - companies in all verticals and of all sizes entrust Mr. Dahan with providing them relevant and reliable architecture and design for their current and future requirements.

Udi Dahan