Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan is the author of Learning iPhone Programming and Programming iPhone Sensors published by O'Reilly Media. He is a senior research fellow at the University of Exeter working on machine learning and its applications in real time, real world, systems. He also runs a small technology consulting business writing bespoke software, building open hardware and providing training.



Visualisations and Infographics: How to gain users and influence people


Location Enabled Sensors for iOS: Making use of the sensors on your iPhone and iPad

Track: Smart phone, wednesday 15:40 - 16:30

This class will guide you through developing location aware applications for the iOS platforms that make use of the onboard sensors: the 3-axis accelerometer, the magnetometer, the gyroscope, the camera and the on GPS. You’ll learn how to make use of these onboard sensors and combine them to build sophisticated location aware applications. This will give you the background to building your own applications independently using the hottest location-aware technology yet for any mobile platforms.

Visualisations and Infographics: How to gain users and influence people

Track: Excellence, wednesday 10:00 - 10:50

This class will talk about the value of good visualisations for conveying information and getting your story across. Whether that's a location privacy scandal that caused US Senate hearings, or something more day-to-day, when you're dealing with messy data presenting it in the right manner can mean the difference between fame and obscurity. A successful application, or an ignominious failure.