Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson is Director of Customer Success for Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j, the world's leading open source graph database. He is a co-author of 'REST in Practice' (O'Reilly) and a contributor to the forthcoming books 'REST: From Research to Practice' (Springer) and 'Service Design Patterns' (Addison-Wesley). He presents at conferences worldwide on the big Web graph of REST, and the awesome graph capabilities of Neo4j, and blogs at http://iansrobinson.com.





Test-Driven REST


Test-Driven REST

Track: Architecture, wednesday 13:00 - 13:50

REST's hypermedia constraint is all about getting things done - that is, making changes to the state of an application to achieve a particular goal. Put simply, in a web-based hypermedia system, clients apply HTTP's uniform interface to operate links and forms in pursuit of their application goals. In this session I'll discuss the implementation of machine-to-machine interactions in a hypermedia-driven distributed system. I'll look at how we can develop and test discrete parts of a workflow, and build adaptable clients that can be guided on the fly to complete their application goals. I'll conclude by introducing you to a hands-on tutorial that you can complete using the new Microsoft Web APIs.