Selena Delesie

A consulting software tester and agile coach, Selena Delesie has been managing and coaching on software, testing, and agile practices for a decade. She facilitates the evolution of good teams and organizations into great ones using individualized and team-based coaching and interactive training experiences. Selena is a contributing author to How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing and an active speaker, participant, and leader in numerous associations and conferences. Follow Selena online at



Agile Team Flow


Focusing Testing on Business Needs

Track: Test, thursday 15:40 - 16:30

Testers often forget that they are service providers whose role is to provide critical information to the project’s stakeholders. Testing must focus on business needs to add the most value and gain respect. Attend to discover communication techniques that will help testers connect with stakeholders and get them clamoring for more testing. Leave with real-world approaches for handling difficult conversations and project situations that will gain the respect of stakeholders.

Agile Team Flow

Track: Test, monday - all day

While some companies are fully committed to adopting Agile, others are adopting it in name only. Some Agile teams flourish, while others can barely move ahead. Come learn about agile project delivery and how high-performing agile teams flow. In this interactive tutorial we will experience what it is like to work on agile teams, both good and bad, and discover what it takes to grow a strong Agile team. You will leave with valuable insights and practical techniques you can readily apply at work.