Session: Time Off For Good Behaviour: Getting the Most Out of Your BDD Tests

Friday, 14:05 - 14:55
Track: Test

To get the most out of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), you need much more than a tool.You need high value specifications.How do we get the most out of our specification and test writing effort? How do we turn vague business-speak into testable scenarios? These and other questions will be addressed in this talk in which we take a practical approach using real-world examples.

David Evans

David Evans is an independent consultant and agile coach with over 22 years of IT experience. A thought-leader in the field of agile testing, he has trained and consulted on this topic for clients in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Singapore. A regular speaker at events and conferences across Europe, David has also had several papers published in IT journals. He currently lives and works in the UK.

David Evans