Session: What Testers and Developers Can Learn From Each Other

Wednesday, 15:40 - 16:30
Track: Excellence

The rise of cross-functional agile teams has helped to bring a greater sense of collaboration and mutual respect between developers and testers. But many teams still struggle with the basic issues. What is the role of the tester in an agile team? How many testers do we need? What does a team gain from having professional testers? Perhaps there is another way to approach these questions.


Testers and developers can learn a number of specific lessons about their craft by taking from the experiences of the other group.

David Evans

David Evans is an independent consultant and agile coach with over 22 years of IT experience. A thought-leader in the field of agile testing, he has trained and consulted on this topic for clients in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Singapore. A regular speaker at events and conferences across Europe, David has also had several papers published in IT journals. He currently lives and works in the UK.

David Evans