Rickard Öberg

Rickard has worked on several OpenSource projects that involve J2EE development, such as JBoss, XDoclet and WebWork. He has also been the principal architect of the SiteVision CMS/portal platform, where he used AOP as the foundation. Now he works for Jayway, and is interested in how to develop domain-oriented software that is well adapted for the new wave of Internet-centered applications.

Rest from use-cases


Event Sourcing explained

Track: Architecture, thursday 11:10 - 12:00

Your business wants to use data from your application, but in a way that you didn't anticipate from the beginning. Now what do you do? If you are using EventSourcing, you're in luck, and this session will describe how this technique can help you deal with these types of situations, and more.

Rest from use-cases

Track: Architecture, thursday 14:20 - 15:10

Building REST API's for distributed applications is becoming more and more popular. But, there is one thing that most developers miss, which is the HATEOAS requirement, i.e. linking. This session will explain how exposing use-cases brings a natural solution to this problem, and how this will simplify both API development, documentation, as well as client development.