We are working hard to get all the videos from this year's Øredev online. We will publish them here as they become available. We are about one third in!

The Rebels Come Out Online - What if the Internet is something much bigger than we think? (Alexander Bard)

From Collective Intelligence to Collaborative Creation (Hojun Song)

Whiteboarding for Testers, Developers and Customers too (Robert Sabourin)

Automated Testing Strategies for Databases (Stephen Vance)

Windows Phone Development Best Practices (Johan Lindfors)

Building Real-Time Web Applications with ASP.NET SignalR (Damian Edwards)

Chrome on Android: developing HTML5 Web applications (Mikhail Naganov)

Micro-Service Architecture (Fred George)

Implementing Continuous Delivery (Sam Newman)

Scalable and Modular CSS FTW! (Denise Jacobs)

Rocking the Enterprise with the Kinect Experience (Jesus Rodriguez)

Why Mud Still Rules (Brian Foote)

Build web apps much faster (Steve Sanderson)

Hard Coding: A Design Approach (Oren Eini / Ayende Rahien)

NOSQL FTW (Oren Eini, Alistair Jones and Chris Harris)

Lean from the Trenches - Managing Large-Scale Projects with Kanban (Henrik Kniberg)

Web Performance (Andy Davies)

Modern enterprise application configuration with Spring (Chris Beams)

Future of Testing and Quality (Goranka Bjedov)

Async in C# 5.0 - No More Callbacks! (Mads Torgersen)

Transform Your Agile Process with Kanban Thinking (Karl Scotland)

The Rebellion Imperative (Reginald Braithwaite)

Tailwind/Headwind in the pursuit of the Fibre to All (Jonas Birgersson)

Nashorn: Optimizing JavaScript and dynamic language execution on the JVM (Marcus Lagergren)

The Future of Work is about being more Human - Gamestorming (Maarten Volders)

Android Burning Questions (Pavel Lahoda)

Stupid questions and n00bs - top ten intriguing things you need to do (Iris Classon)

Budgeting Reality: a New Approach to Mock Objects (Justin Searls)

Managing Your Teams’ Agile Competency (Diana Larsen)

Git Going with Distributed Source Control (Tim Berglund)

Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects (Diana Larsen)

Hypermedia and ASP.NET Web API, where do you want to go today? (Glenn Block)

How RESTful Is Your REST? (Abdelmonaim Remani)

My mom told me that Git doesn't scale (Vicent Marti)

Lambdas in Java SE 8 or co-evolving libraries, the language and the VM (Joel Borggrén-Franck)

jQuery Combinators (Reginald Braithwaite)

A Design eye for the Developer Person (Scott Barnes)

Unpicking the Microsoft Roadmap (Scott Barnes)

Expressing yourself: polymorphism in Clojure (Tim Ewald)

Dynamically animating user interfaces and custom Android views (Andreas Agvard)

Namedropping, HTML5, optimization, CQRS (Janne Räsänen, Albert Bertilsson, Sebastian Ganslandt and Ted Steen)

Designing Hypermedia APIs (Steve Klabnik)

Prototypes, Prototypes and Prototypes - and the difference between them. (Shane Morris)

Up up and Out: Scaling software with Akka 2 (Henrik Engström)

The Core protocols - Warp-Speed Results for any Team And the Common Platform for the Culture Tech Revolution (Jim McCarthy)

API Usability: Think of the humans! (Catherine Powell)

Be brave, dive in and lead the testing for mobile apps (Julian Harty)

Testing that made me proud (Martin Karlsson, Mattias Gustavsson, Linda Hoff)

Cutting testing time with Parallel Automated Functional Tests (Alan Parkinson)

Making offshore testing work (Pradeep Soundararajan)

The Whole-Team Approach, Illustrated: Choosing a New GUI Test Tool (Lisa Crispin)

Go: a simple programming environment (Andrew Gerrand)

Go: code that grows with grace (Andrew Gerrand)

Elixir - A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM (José Valim)

Tribes, Alliances, Schools - Oh My! Building your reputation through creative disobedience (Matthew Heusser)

The power of node (Felix Geisendörfer)

Retrofitting a software architecture to an existing code-base (Chris Chedgey)

Big Time: Introducing Hadoop on Azure (Yaniv Rodenski)

HTTP Caching 101 (Sebastien Lambla)

Building Highly Successful Windows Phone Apps: a Recipe for Repeated Success (Gergely Orosz)

Whats hot in Android 4.0 + 1 (Lars Vogel)

Test Driven Android (Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan)

Programmer Anarchy (Fred George)

Performance and Capacity in a Cloud (Goranka Bjedov)

A practical overview of Java EE 6 (Paul Bakker)

REST assured - Hypermedia APIs with Spring MVC (Oliver Gierke)

Building a grammar for statistical graphics in Clojure (Kevin Lynagh)

Business Patterns for Software Developers (Allan Kelly)

The Art of Disciplined Creativity (Denise Jacobs)

How being customer-centric improves IT success: a case study (Elizabeth Harrin)

Reinventing software quality (Gojko Adzic)

Critical Updates: why software engineering is a fake discipline and what to do about it (Laurent Bossavit)

Mixup testing, a cross team testing activity between scrum teams (Johan Åtting)

How to Argue About Code (Andrew Dupont)

Vim - precision editing at the speed of thought (Drew Neil)

Radical NoSQL Scalability with Cassandra (Tim Berglund)

To Java SE 8 and Beyond (Dalibor Topic)

Java Web Security By Example (Frank Kim)

The Art of Metaprogramming in Java (Abdelmonaim Remani)

Advanced Continuous Integration Techniques with Jenkins (Kohsuke Kawaguchi)

JDK 7 Updates: Director's Cut (Dalibor Topic)

A deep look into the Event Store (Greg Young)

Software in the Age of Sampling (Brian Foote)

TypeScript: JavaScript development at Scale (Mads Torgersen)

Developing polyglot applications on Cloud Foundry (Chris Richardson)

Interaction and Navigation Patterns for Modern User Experience (Billy Hollis)

The growbotron, an iPhone powered farm. Not farmville.... a real farm. (Chris Hughes)

Therapeutic Refactoring (Katrina Owen)

Less - The Path to Better Design (Sandi Metz)

Designing For Rapid Release (Sam Newman)

Hybrid Applications with MongoDB and RDBMS (Chris Harris)

Maven vs Gradle, On your marks, get set, go! (Hardy Ferentschik)

Touch it – don’t touch it (Ola Wassvik, Andreas Olsson, Dag König, Robert Gavelin)

Polyglot Programming in the JVM (Andres Almiray)

Eclipse 4 Internals (Lars Vogel)

Exploring Datomic: a database deconstructed (Tim Ewald)

Rebels in their own way (Hampus Jakobsson, Chris Hughes, Zed A. Shaw)

Effective Scala (Henrik Engström)

Security Inception (Frank Kim)

Git on Android: Spreading Rebellion (Roberto Tyley)

Asynchronous Collaboration: Communicating Through Our Source Code (Ryan McGeary)

Kotlin: Making the Java Platform a Better Place (Hadi Hariri)

Ugly Code (Alex Papadimoulis)

It's Not You, It's Them: Why Programming Languages Are Hard To Teach (Zed A. Shaw)

Testing Online Crazy Glue: Strategies for building testable PHP applications (Chris Hartjes)

Play Framework 2 (Peter Hilton)

MVVM Applied in Windows Phone and Windows 8 (Laurent Bugnion)

ASP.NET 4.5: All you need to know (Damian Edwards)

What?!? C# Could Do That??? (Shay Friedman)

Advanced RavenDB (Oren Eini / Ayende Rahien)

Unlock your Inner Node.js in the Cloud with Windows Azure (Glenn Block)

Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools (Patrick Dubroy)

Travis CI - I Hear You Like Pull Requests (Konstantin Haase)

The making of Crazyflie (Arnaud Taffanel, Tobias Antonsson, Marcus Eliasson)

Optimizing Mobile Games (Dennis Gustafsson)

Being A SME (Subject Matter Expert) (Marcus S. Zarra)

Pure, Functional Javascript (Christian Johansen)

Asynchronous User Interfaces - the future of Web UIs (Alex MacCaw)

Highly Connected Data Models in NOSQL Stores (Alistair Jones)

Culture hacking and the coming era of magnificence (Jim McCarthy)

Software won - so what now? (David Rowan)